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A leisurely breakfast at Cafe Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto is one of my favorite places to hang out with friends – the food is good but it’s the peace & quiet that appeals to me more. One can sit inside or outside. One can finish their meal in an hour or sit for a few hours and catching up on old times. One can actually hear the other person – no crazy loud music and the tables are far enough that the gossip is only retained to our table.

When a colleague praised their lunch, I was quite excited to try it out. I am not a fan of breakfast but it can sometimes be the only time to catch up with old friends and their breakfast seemed gourmet not the regular eggs, bread & sausages that we get everywhere.

We got there at like 10:30 pm and decided to sit inside. Went through the menu and decided to order the eggs. I ordered the cheese & mushroom omelet, my friend ordered the egg white omelet and the third friend ordered the granola. We also ordered the bread basket and coffee.

The bread basket arrived first with herb butter and jam. A dinner roll, a muffin, a croissant with 2 pieces of bread. It was fresh & toasted but standard – nothing unique which is now the norm in bread baskets (especially ones that are ordered off the menu). A scattering of sun-dried tomatoes, some black olives, a sprinkling of fresh nuts – nothing here.

The bread basket for breakfast at Cafe Aylanto

The bread basket for breakfast at Cafe Aylanto

Our mains arrived a few minutes later. I had ordered the cheese omelet which came with a salad & 2 hash browns. A sprinkle of freshly ground pepper followed. I took a bite and ummm – the eggs were good but again standard. Nothing extra-ordinary. The mushrooms felt canned and the Gruyere cheese lacked bite.My friend who ordered the egg white omelet had the same feedback but yes the third friend loved her granola. Following our eggs we had coffee and then caught up with all that we had been doing. The coffee was good and much needed to wake up & refresh oneself before starting off with errands.

Cheese Omelet at Cafe Aylanto

Cheese Omelet at Cafe Aylanto

The bill came out to be Rs.1300/head which is not value of money because other cafes offer the same in less. Maybe I should have ordered something else but the thing is while I love Cafe Aylanto for its ambiance, I would much rather go to Mews for breakfast – if I am paying this much it should be worth it.


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