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Desserts by The Saucy Mistress

Desserts by The Saucy Mistress in Karachi

Ordering some desserts from The Saucy Mistress …

Anyone who is active on social media & Facebook must have heard of ‘The Saucy Mistress’. As if her scrumptious desserts weren’t enough her witty remarks and sarcastic sense of humor will make anyone cheer up.

I remember discovering her page in 2013. At that time she did dips & dressings & cooking sauces and I remember being so impressed with not just her line of products but the way she described them. How can you not want to buy a garlic mayonnaise known as ‘Blade’ or a spicy tomato salsa known as ‘Shall we Dance?”

Over the years and all the processing & grinding & blending that she has done she discovered her true calling – Desserts in a Jar. Single serve desserts available in an array of flavors – just take a spoon and start digging in!

I had been avoiding desserts for a while – too much indulging in post-shaadi dawaat had made me conscious of the weighing scale but the moment she put a picture of her latest dessert, I caved in and ordered the following:

  1. Naughty Saucy – 7 layers consisting of chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, nutty cookie crumble, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, toffee cream, roasted almonds and more chocolate!
  2. Strawberry Cheesecake – Biscuit crust, cheesecake filling topped with strawberry jam.
  3. Oreo Cheesecake Pudding – Cheesecake pudding with crushed Oreos swirled through.
  4.  Vanilla Bean & White Chocolate Mousse  – Creamy mousse with specks of vanilla bean

The total damage – Rs. 1250 for 4 jars (including delivery). She offers a discount of Rs.50 off on purchase of 4 jars and there was a free delivery offer on her page which I obviously took advantage off.

My personal favorite had to be the Naughty Saucy & the Oreo Cheesecake Pudding. I am not a true chocoholic, which means that I like chocolate but in small doses. That is why I loved Naughty Saucy because it had chocolate but also a swirl of almonds & toffee for contrast.

Naughty Saucy by The Saucy Mistress

Naughty Saucy by The Saucy Mistress

My husband loves white chocolate so the mousse was from him! Loved the specks of vanilla bean in it.

All in all, a delicious ending to our lunch.

Definitely something that you need to order. She has a variety of desserts so whether you are a chocoholic or a fruit dessert fan or even both, she has something for you. She keeps posting bundle offers on her page 2-3 times a week which is a great way to try out more desserts and get free delivery!

How to order: Inbox her on her Facebook page.

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