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My experience with Vivid Sydney 2018

My experience with Vivid Sydney 2018, an annual festival of lights, music and ideas held in Sydney. Pictures of the event, things that I enjoyed and a guideline for attending the festival. If you are following me on instagram (if you aren’t, please do!) you must have seen quite a few pictures, videos and insta-stories of me attending a festival in Sydney. Well, that festival is Vivid Sydney, an annual event of lights, music and ideas held over the course…

Australia/ Sydney/ Travel Diaries

First thoughts about Sydney

A lot of you have asked me about life in Australia, and I just thought I would post a quick update of how things are going on here, and my first thoughts about Sydney.  It feels like so much time has passed, but it’s only been a month in Sydney. I am loving the laidback vibe of the city, friendly people, and the greenery. The plants just gleam, especially after there’s been a rainfall. Of course, all this vegetation means…

Australia/ Travel Diaries

Big Announcement

Hello Hello! I’m excited to share BIG news with all of you. I am moving to Australia. Yes! The land down under where I will get to see Kangaroos, Koalas and most importantly Masterchef Australia. In my case, the priorities will always be food. Lol. This move was pending for considerable time because of my impending spouse visa. I’m really happy to join my husband after being months apart. There was lots of jumping around once I got the e-mail…