About Me

Hello there!
My name is Kiran, and welcome to my kitchen. Here you will find authentic South Asian recipes, along with simple and delicious desserts. My aim is to share cooking and baking simple and fun for everyone.

How it all started:

A batch of chocolate cake that resembled brownies is how I started blogging. I had just started working, and I was supposed to treat the colleagues to dessert. Instead of ordering the same thing from outside and paying double the price, I decided to bring something home-made. It was just more affordable, plus there was the personalized element too. And people loved them. In fact, they loved them a LOT!

Cooking for me has always been something that is given. It was just part of those chores that one does as part of a household. But it was at that moment that I realized that my interest for food runs into something much deeper, and I should share it with more people. So I started exploring my interest in food, and that’s how I became a food blogger.

What you will find on my blog:

  1. Flavour – the key to make even the most boring food tasty is to pack it with flavour. No pinches of salt and a dash of black pepper; here the recipes will have spices and herbs to tantalize your tastebuds and make your mouth water.
  2. Desi Fusion – recipes that are rooted in tradition but with a modern twist to them making them simple to understand and quick to make for the contemporary Desi cook.
  3. Wholesome Food – I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe in a healthy lifestyle that lets you enjoy what you love, just in moderation. Don’t skip the oil, just minimize it.
  4. Quick recipes – I work full-time, and yet I want fresh home-made food also. The only way I can manage is by incorporating techniques in my recipes that let me either make a meal in under 45 minutes, or incorporate techniques that cuts down my prep time. BUT not all of my recipes will be quick. There are recipes for date nights and fancy parties, but those again will have tips on how to plan-ahead and organize yourself.
  5. Cooking Tips and Tricks – Though most of my posts are recipes, you will find lifestyle tips on home decor (or well kitchen decor), how to stock your pantry, how to host parties, menu planning and more.

Get in touch with me:

For all media queries, collaborations, sponsorships, or any and all questions drop me an e-mail at mirchitales@gmail.com

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