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A bowl of leftover chicken biryani with potatoes in a greenish-white bowl with a bowl of yoghurt raita in the background.
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How to make leftover biryani (Turn any leftover curry / salan into biryani)

Too many leftovers in your fridge? Turn your leftover curries / salan into delicious leftover biryani with the use of a few pantry staples. The recipe I have shared is for leftover chicken biryani, but it can be used for any meat or vegetables. Not only is this a delicious dinner recipe, but is also a great way to use up random leftovers in the fridge. One of the most favorite dishes in her home growing up was biryani. Knowing…

A plate of Pakistani style fish biryani with raita in the background.
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Fish Biryani | Boneless Fish Biryani, Pakistani Style

Fish biryani is a layered fish and rice dish from the Indian sub-continent. This recipe is of the Pakistani style fish biryani made with boneless fish and layered with aromatic Basmati rice and a flavourful fish biryani masala. Serve hot with raita on the side. So I realised that as much as I love biryani, I actually don’t have a biryani recipe on the blog. Can you believe that?! That situation is changing from today. Presenting to you, scrumptious fish…